BEAUTY | Meet the new face of Estée Lauder

If you're a bit into fashion, you've definitely already seen her. She walked in multiple big fashion shows since her debut on the Marc Jacobs fall 2014 runway show, you see her in almost every fashion magazine and she's a much wanted target by the paparazzi : Kendall Jenner, the new face of Estée Lauder. 
Tip : on the official website of the beauty brand you can find and shop Kendall her favorites.


LIFE | The past 3 weeks

The past three weeks there wasn't much activity on the blog and here is why.. 
I started the last week of October on a good note with a streetstyle post of PFW and I had planned the rest of the week with different kinda posts, even an outfit (or maybe two). But it was too good to be true - what was I even thinking?! I got really sick Tuesday evening; sore throat, headache/migraine, fever, coughing, pain everywhere,.. Long story short : I looked and felt like crap. I've barely been out of bed for 7 days and didn't even touch my PC once.  
I also had to miss out on a few blogger events and I was quite upset about it to be honest. I know I know, there will be plenty events in the future but still..it just sucked. 
I finally started to feel better so I went out of the house for the first time in 10 days. Not such a good idea since I got a sore throat again.. I got antibiotics again and am starting to feel better but I'm not leaving the house yet, just to be sure.. 
Anyway, I wanted to let you know why I wasn't really around. 
Hopefully your weeks were better than mine! Try to prevent as much as possible and if you still catch something, listen to your body! 


FASHION | Cara Delevingne for Topshop

Mix a Britain shop with a Britain model and you get an amazing campaign! 
Don't believe me? Watch these photos of Cara Delevingne for this year's Christmas campaign from Topshop. 
The collection is very festive, think glitters sparkles fur etcetera. 
If you want to spread your sparkles on a party, I'd definitely recommend you to take a look at the collection
Go ahead, steal the show! 



Let's continue with things I wouldn't mind getting for my birthday. 
This time I made a selection of books that I would love to read. You may know this or not but I'm a true bookworm! I can't count how many books I have, I've got all different types of books : thrillers, romans, tragedies, educatives that aren't for school, fashion, lifestyle, etcetera. 
Most of the books on my wishlist now are fashion related, with a few exceptions. 
Any books that you want? Suggestions are always welcome :) 


FASHION | PFW SS15 streetstyle

Here I am with the last part of my fashion week SS15 streetstyle series. 
Paris is always the city that closes fashion month so here are some of my favorite streetstyle photos shot in the city of love. 
I must admit that I'm already a bit excited for February.. Anyone else?